Case video review of gadgets" Smartphone ARMOR 7. Case"
Smartphone ARMOR 7. Case
Video review of Ulefon smartphones

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Case video review of gadgets" Toy. Case"
Toy. Case
Video review of toys for PanamaUa
Case video review of gadgets" ARMOR X6 Smartphone. Case"
ARMOR X6 Smartphone. Case
Video review of Ulefon smartphones
Case video review of gadgets" ARMOR 5S Smartphone. Case"
ARMOR 5S Smartphone. Case
Video review of Ulefon smartphones
Case video review of gadgets" Plugs. Case"
Plugs. Case
Video review of Tuplast plugs
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How to order a video review of gadgets

Videonova Production produces video reviews for the brands Panama, Ulefone, Tuplast, as well as video reviews of large household appliances for Ventolux and Hansa and cosmetics review for Makeup. We are ready to provide a full cycle of video review production from pre-production to placement:
Contact us and schedule a meeting where we will get acquainted with your company, model range and competitive advantages
We will prepare an offer with a detailed estimate based on the planned volume of video reviews production and frequency
We will conclude a transparent contract that your lawyers will like
We will come up with schedule of production
We will order the first batch of products and write scripts of video reviews in any European language
If needed, we will conduct casting of actors and build locations
We will organize and conduct a pilot shooting video reviews of your products
We will start shooting
We will complete the editing of the pilot video reviews in a timely manner and approve the developed production and cooperation scheme to optimize video production
We will continue production according to the approved time table


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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about video review production:
How much does a video review of gadgets cost?

The production of one unit is not financially justified. The minimum number of units is 5 pcs. With such volumes, 1 video review will cost about 8000 UAH.

Of course, with increasing volumes, the cost price of 1 video review decreases.

Prepare a list of products, contact us and get a nice offer for the production of reviews.

Why do you think you provide the best terms?

We do not act as intermediaries, but produce reviews ourselves.

All the necessary film crew, editing directors and motion designers work in one studio.

We have our own studio and equipment.

We are located in Podil, and this affects the logistics.

We have vast experience in creating video reviews (more than 200 different video reviews). We know how to maximize the optimize processes.

All this significantly improves the quality and speeds up the process of making a video review, thereby reducing the cost.

How to order an equipment video review?

Prepare links to those video reviews that you liked.

Choose channels for placement.

Decide on the models for the video reviews and the method of presentation:

  • What are the gadgets that can be shown in one common video and what are the gadgets that need a separate review?
  • Will we introduce an expert in the frame?
  • Will there be a voice-over text and in which languages?
  • What is the frequency of releases?

Contact us via a convenient communication channel. After the first meeting, everything will become transparent and clear.

How long does it take to produce a video review?

Preparation for the video filming of the first batch of reviews can take from 10 to 20 working days.

The shooting of gadgets itself takes about 10 hours.

Editing of the footage takes 20 working hours

All this you can analyze in more detail from the video review production timeline

How long should the video review be?

Depending on the purpose of the video review, the duration can vary from 1 to 10 minutes

If you unpack the product and post a video instruction, you can inflate the review up to 20 minutes. But we do not recommend choosing such a presentation.

Where to post video reviews?

On the company's website. Choosing equipment on your website, the client should be able to get acquainted with it and its functionality visually.

On marketplaces. Distinguish your product among competitors and prove that its design, functional and quality characteristics are better than those of your competitors.

Be sure to post it on the company's YouTube channel. Proper placement of the video review on the company's channel is an additional free promotion. We can help with the placement

Why is it more expensive to shoot video reviews yourself?

Purchase shooting equipment and create additional staff - and you at first glance will significantly save on video reviews in the future.

The main thing here is that the resulting product does not work against you.

A potential customer watching a low-quality video review will definitely associate it with your products. A legitimate question arises: "What else was saved on, if not on components?"

What is a timetable

Timetable is a detailed schedule of video review production with the start and end dates of each of the production stages.

The timetable graphically displays each step from the conclusion of the contract, preparation, filming to the sending of the acts of completion

What makes you stand out among other video productions?

We have developed a convenient mechanism for communication with the client throughout the production process - our own CRM system. You can view the results of work online from anywhere in the world and make edits or comments with the whole team. Video versions are posted automatically and notifications about availability are sent out. This significantly speeds up the process of video approval and production in general.

Our video production team consists of directors, cameramen, editors and motion designers. Therefore, we provide a full range of services for creating videos of any direction.

We have our own video recording studio with all the necessary equipment


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