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Case documentary films" video.sFZv3neAo-Y.title"


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Our portfolio «Documentaries»:

Case documentary films" Film The Oil Industry of Ukraine"
Film The Oil Industry of Ukraine
Production of a documentary film about the oilseed industry in Ukraine
Case documentary films" Sermon on the Mount"
Sermon on the Mount
Making a documentary about Tymofiy Nahorny
Case documentary films" S.C.A.Y."
Making a documentary about the Ukrainian group SKY
Case documentary films" PERNOD RICARD"
Translation and adaptation of the documentary film about Pernod Ricard
Case documentary films" Film Platinum"
Film Platinum
Trailer for the movie "Platinum"
Case documentary films" Filming a movie"
Filming a movie
How the documentary "Land Market" was filmed

We take great pleasure in presenting our creative works in crafting captivating documentaries across various genres.

Recreating reality and expressing the essence of life stories are at the core of our documentary filmmaking team. Each film is crafted with heart and meticulous attention to detail, making it an unparalleled masterpiece of art.

We firmly believe that documentary cinema is a powerful tool for conveying diverse narratives and engaging audiences. Every film created by our team has the ability to captivate viewers, transporting them into the world of stories and leaving unforgettable impressions.

If you dream of telling your own story or highlighting important aspects of reality, ordering the creation of documentary films from VideoNova is the right choice.

Together, let's amaze the world with your captivating documentaries that will leave a profound impact on the hearts of the audience. Reach out to us right away, and we eagerly begin working on your documentary masterpiece. Your story belongs in our portfolio!

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Production of a documentary film

How to order the creation of a film and stages of production:


We need your understanding of the idea and goals of the film, then contact us

We will provide a detailed estimate for the production of the documentary



We will conclude a transparent contract for video production

We will draw up and approve the production schedule



Let's select, approve and agree with heroes for synchronization

We will write a film script in any European language



We will select locations and conduct shooting both on the road and in our own RIP studio

If needed, we will make a frame filling with a speaker you approve



We will do editing and color correction of the documentary

Frequently asked questions

about documentary film production:

The budget of the film starts from 150 000 UAH

The exact estimate can be provided after briefing

From 20 working days. But this is all individual

Depending on the purpose of the film, its duration can be from 10 to 60 minutes.

Look for a reference - a movie you like. We need it to understand the level and complexity and style.

It is also necessary to understand the goals of the film and its idea.

After that, you can write or call us. We will arrange a meeting where we can provide you with a detailed estimate.

We have developed a convenient mechanism for communication with the client throughout the production process - our own CRM system. You can view the results of work online from anywhere in the world and make edits or comments with the whole team. Video versions are posted automatically and notifications about availability are sent out. This significantly speeds up the process of video approval and production in general.

Our video production team consists of directors, cameramen, editors and motion designers. Therefore, we provide a full range of services for creating videos of any direction.

We have our own video recording studio with all the necessary equipment


Case " Documentaries"


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It is possible to calculate an estimate on video production only if you have a brief

That is why we have developed a convenient online brief. It will be useful not only for requesting an estimate from us, but also for conducting a full-fledged tender among other video productions. If you have any questions about filling out the brief, write to us on Telegram
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