Creation of animated videos. Sounding in any European language.
Case 2D animation" Visa-free"
Animated promo video about the opening of visa-free regime for Ukrainians in 2017

2d animation

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Our portfolio «2d animation»:

Case 2D animation" Product duplicator"
Product duplicator
Promotional video of the startup "Product Duplicator" to attract investment
Case 2D animation" Augurisk"
Animated promotional video of the company providing risk assessment for 12 disasters and social risk factors, including crime, storms, floods, forest fires, earthquakes
Case 2D animation" Triumph Heating and Cooling"
Triumph Heating and Cooling
Promo video with character animation of the services of the American company Triumph
Case 2D animation" Coalition of political reforms"
Coalition of political reforms
Explanatory 2D video for the Coalition of Political Reforms
Case 2D animation" Mobius"
Explainer 2d video in Spanish
Case 2D animation" Turpal"
2d video explorer Turpal in English
Case 2D animation" Wind shield link"
Wind shield link
Animated video with character animation
Case 2D animation" Caena"
2D financial modeling explorer in English
Case 2D animation" Pantryboy"
animated 2D promo video in English
Case 2D animation" Salvador partners"
Salvador partners
Animated promo video with the artist's work
Case 2D animation" Amore beds"
Amore beds
Animated video with character animation in English
Case 2D animation" Wildcorn"
Promo brand book of the German manufacturer of snacks, chips and popcorn TM Wildcorn
Case 2D animation" EASY coloring"
EASY coloring
Animated promo application from Pixelcraft
Case 2D animation" Pet assure"
Pet assure
animated video explorer
Case 2D animation" Solid explainer"
Solid explainer
Motion graphics in the tutorial video
Case 2D animation" Test innovators"
Test innovators
Motion graphics
Case 2D animation" Illumis"
Motion graphics and kinetic typography
Case 2D animation" Motion Graphics"
Motion Graphics
Marinate IG
Case 2D animation" Typography"
Case 2D animation" Kinetic typography"
Kinetic typography
Case 2D animation" Typography"
Text Animation
Case 2D animation" Screencast Tutorial"
Screencast Tutorial
Hiring Steps Tutorial

We proudly present our creative works in crafting captivating 2D animated videos across various genres and styles.

In our team, we have experienced animators who deeply understand the essence of your project and know how to convey its unique character through animation. From simplicity and elegance to intricately detailed and imaginative graphics, we possess all the resources to transform your ideas into enchanting animated masterpieces.

2D animated videos are a powerful means to captivate your audience, deliver messages, and evoke emotions. From promotional commercials to educational video materials, each video carries its own magical essence.

We invite you to choose the animation style that best suits your project and continue our collaboration by filling out our interactive brief. Your concepts and creative ideas are what will define the creation of an animated masterpiece together with VideoNova.

Select your style, take the first step towards a successful animation journey. Fill out the interactive brief right now, and together, we will create a video that will be remembered for ages. Your animated future awaits us!

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Kind Words From Our Happy Clients

Two-dimensional animation and motion graphics

A type of commercials and video tutorials that are very common in the United States and Europe in general. How to order and produce 2d video:


Prepare references - they will greatly speed up the calculation of the estimate and help with understanding the submission

Contact us and provide us with the materials necessary to understand the direction of your activity and the idea of creating a 2D video



We will prepare and approve the estimate of the video production

We will conclude a transparent contract for the production of 2d video



Let's write a scenario and make a storyboard

If necessary, we will develop characters and locations



We will make animation, sound design and voice-over in any European language

Frequently asked questions

about creating 2d video:

The cost of animation creation is affected by the duration of the video, the presence of characters, the detail of the animation and the size of the video.

The budget starts from 16,000 UAH

The exact budget can be provided after filling in the brief

The creation of an animated video takes place in several stages: acquaintance, preparation, creation of elements, animation, sound design. The time of work on each stage depends on the results of the previous one.

If briefly, then from 20 working days, and if approximately, we will be able to orient you after the first meeting.

In general, 2d animation is a very generalized name for the type of video clips. Depending on the direction, goals and placement/rotation, the duration of the video will vary.

For advertisements 5-30 seconds; for tutorials 1-10 minutes...

By the way, the cost of a 5 second promotional 2D video can be several times higher than a 10 minute tutorial

Based on your budget, we can offer creative ideas with the appropriate level of implementation

Without a script, there is no point in making animation.

If there is no script, we will write it ourselves and approve it with you.

Some types of animations do not require a storyboard.

We will tell you more at the first meeting.

Yes. We will provide several native speakers with different accents from British, Australian to American accents

The same applies to other European languages

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the provided options for the finished audio sequence - our composers will write music for your video.

We have developed a convenient mechanism for communication with the client throughout the production process - our own CRM system. You can view the results of work online from anywhere in the world and make edits or comments with the whole team. Video versions are posted automatically and notifications about availability are sent out. This significantly speeds up the process of video approval and production in general.

Our video production team consists of directors, cameramen, editors and motion designers. Therefore, we provide a full range of services for creating videos of any direction.

We have our own video recording studio with all the necessary equipment


Case " Animated videos"
Animated videos


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It is possible to calculate an estimate on video production only if you have a brief

That is why we have developed a convenient online brief. It will be useful not only for requesting an estimate from us, but also for conducting a full-fledged tender among other video productions. If you have any questions about filling out the brief, write to us on Telegram
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