Case character animation" Cybereat"
Animated promo video of the mobile application with characters

Our portfolio «Character animation»:

Case character animation" FruThin"
2D promo video with character animation
Case character animation" NeoEyes"
Animated promo video with character animation
Case character animation" Your Cheap Calls"
Your Cheap Calls
2D promo with character animation
Case character animation" Free ebook"
Free ebook
2D video with character animation
Case character animation" Spillbox"
Promo 2D video with character animation
Case character animation" Taylor Toys"
Taylor Toys
AAE motion graphics with characters
Case character animation" Wind shield link"
Wind shield link
Animated video with character animation
Case character animation" Ugly Food"
Ugly Food
2D talking vegetables in the commercial of Bon Harvest company
Case character animation" Amore beds"
Amore beds
Animated video with character animation in English
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How to order a character animation?

creating animation from ordering to getting the finished video:

Prepare references for the video. We need to know the style and number of characters and the complexity of animation of both the characters and individual elements in the video
Contact us and provide the materials necessary to understand the direction and goals of the animation. It is good if you understand the level of budget allocated for video creation
We will prepare and approve the estimate of the video production
We will conclude a transparent contract for the production of character animation
Let's write a script, if you don't have one, and make a storyboard
Develop characters and locations
We will make animation, sound design and voice-over in any European language


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Frequently asked questions

about creating character animation:
How much does character animation cost?

The cost of creation is affected by the presence / absence of a script, the number of scenes and characters, style, complexity of animation.

The initial price of video development and creation is 50 000 UAH. The exact estimate on request.

How long will it take to make a character animation?

On average, from 20 working days.

In the beginning of the comic book development process, a timetable will be created, describing timeline and cost for each stage.

Do you develop ideas?

Yes. We can offer our own idea or develop one of yours.

Tell us what your video will be about, what its purpose is and where it will be placed.

The main thing is to help us understand your idea.

Do you write scripts?

If there is no script - we will get it done.

Is it possible to make a voiceover in English?

Yes. We will provide several native speakers with different accents from British, Australian to American accents

The same applies to other European languages

Can you write music?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the provided options for the finished audio sequence - our composers will write music for your video.

What makes you stand out among other video productions?

We have developed a convenient mechanism for communication with the client throughout the production process - our own CRM system. You can view the results of work online from anywhere in the world and make edits or comments with the whole team. Video versions are posted automatically and notifications about availability are sent out. This significantly speeds up the process of video approval and production in general.

Our video production team consists of directors, cameramen, editors and motion designers. Therefore, we provide a full range of services for creating videos of any direction.

We have our own video recording studio with all the necessary equipment


Case " Animated videos"
Animated videos


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