Brief for video production

Brief points are opened gradually as they are filled in. Each of the points is important to us, so please do not skip them. After filling out the brief, you will immediately receive the minimum cost of the work. You will have the opportunity to send the saved brief to us (or anyone else) for a full estimate. You can also hide your personal data in the online brief. An example of a ready-made brief can be found here link>>
Type of video
Choose the direction of your video. Depending on the type of video, you will receive additional targeted brief bullet points to complete
2d animation of any kind
see example
about the company, product or service
see example
stories and documentaries
see example
WEB or TV advertising
see example
courses, lectures and tutorials
see example
large and small products
see example
Rental on the Prometheus platform
The option is available only if the Prometheus team is involved in the development of the course
Support for course development, methodological work, copywriting services, branding, placement on the learning platform
We provide shooting and editing services based on a ready-made script. You create the course, provide lecturers, and arrange for placement
What the video will be about
Specify whether the video will be about a company, product or service
Will animation be used? This can be a logo at the beginning of the video or full animated inserts throughout the video
There will be no animations, titles or captions of any kind in the video
What style of animation you need to make
Choose an animation style. If you can't decide, check out the animation examples
Screen recording
see example
two-dimensional animation
see example
Motion graphics
see example
Text animation
see example
Video comic
see example
Stop motion
see example
brief.tag._title.2,5D Animation Style
see example
Video timing
How long is your video
The number of such videos
The description and timing corresponds to each video separately, if you need another type of video or a different description, add a new brief. You can copy this brief after saving it and build a new one based on it
Indicate whether the production needs to include casting and actors' fees in the estimate
Specify the required number of actors
Do not include casting and actors' fees in the estimate
Do you need a voiceover and in what language?
Select the language of the voiceover
Video without professional voiceover
The task
What are the goals and objectives of the video
Competitive advantages
What makes your brand/product/service stand out in the market. How it is better than competitive offers
Target audience
Specify the age, gender, habits of the target audience. What they are interested in, what they like
Provide a link to your direct or indirect competitors
Idea and Script
Is there a script or at least an idea available?

Drag and drop a file into this field (MS document or pdf, txt, jpg, png. Up to 20MB)
    Add references
    Provide links to videos you liked. It is better if they are videos in your field, but you can add any video you like to assess the level of performance. The video should match your style
    Tell us more about your project
    Perhaps you have additional suggestions or something to add for better understanding. In general, the more information you provide us with, the faster we can get ready to launch production
    Specify the deadlines for the video, if you have any
    Please specify the date by which you need to have the video ready
    The deadline will be determined after the TimeTable is created
    Deadline for submitting the estimate
    The date by which (inclusive) the estimate must be provided to you. If you make the brief public, it will be closed after this date
    The deadline will be determined after the TimeTable is created
    What budget are you willing to allocate
    The minimum budget for creating this type of video is $500.00. We will send you an exact estimate within a business day. Indicate what level of budget you are ready to allocate.
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